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Social media never stands still. In the past few weeks, foursquare has updated their APIs and they have recently announced their events feature. This is a big deal for any company focused on place-based social media. So foregoing summer cookouts and coding through the night, our engineering team has developed LocaModa HereNow, the first digital out-of-home application to compliment foursquare’s events feature.

HereNow has been a concept that we have had for a very long time and something that several clients recommend we build. For reference, we think about what is the best experience from a venue, consumer and then brand perspective and build accordingly. We use social media as a way to build value inside of digital place-based advertising networks (digital out-of-home) with fit for purpose applications.  Our fullscreen foursquare application is great for our day-to-day business because our applications are built for schedules that contain a variety of content but in an event setting displaying the Mayor, tips, and total check-ins for more then 30 seconds becomes less then exciting.

That mentality of thinking about the venue first then the consumer has made our products very popular for events whether it’s a concert, NHL game, NBA game, CES or a party with your friends, people love to see their messages on screen and event producers need the ability to moderate.

LocaModa HereNow displays users as they check-in via foursquare front and center alongside their name and where they are from.  Behind the scenes, profile photos hit the LocaModa Manager where they can be moderated. The profile photos are then assembled into a background mosaic of check-ins that dynamically updates as more people check-in. The area where the user information is shown rotates with venue safe tips that are controlled in the LocaModa Manager.  We have also thought about what will happen when 50 people check-in (swarm!) and so forth.  The application displays the appropriate swarm badge when each milestone is reached.

Like all of our applications, LocaModa HereNow includes standard cross-channel ad units that brands can leverage too (skyscraper & fullscreen).

We are already responding to brand and agency demand for the features in LocaModa HereNow so I don’t think we’ll have to wait too long to see this in the wild.


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One Response to “#HereNow: A New LocaModa App”

  1. Adam Malone Says:

    Very cool! Impressive turn-around time as well!

    So you are taking V1 to the streets now.. but what can we expect from 1.1, 1.2 and *gasp* 2.0?!

    Well done LM engineers!

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