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When the OAAA publishes a document called Mobile and Social Guidelines, a document about how important social media is to the Out-of-Home (OOH) industry, you know that the times they are changing.

That document can be downloaded here and it’s well worth a read if you’re an agency, brand, network or any business needing to leverage out-of-home audiences.

Disclosure: I was involved in drafting these recommendations with a committee of motivated industry leaders. We had the shared agenda of establishing agnostic, cross channel standards that we hope will remove much of the friction for brands and agencies to buy and deploy social and mobile media in our market.

Nicholas Negroponte (he of MediaLab fame) said in his book “Being Digital” that we are moving from a world of atoms to bits. Bits talks to each other. Bits thrive in a world where they can be shared. They are not static like paper and paste.

So it’s only timely and fitting that the OAAA has taken a leadership role in defining how bits need to flow across a rapidly growing percentage of a global market that in 2012 was worth $33.4 billion market (Source PWC).

Appropriately, the OAAA does not push any specific companies or platforms but it does talk about what we all need to do help move the market forward. As the document’s introduction states, these standards will allow media agencies to efficiently and effectively plan campaigns across multiple providers and platforms.

If you need the Cliff NOtes, the main thrust is that while there are many methods of engaging with consumers through social and mobile OOH (something I call SoHO), these campaigns can be categorized into four variants that cover:

one-way (180 degree)
two-way (360 degree)
real-time and
non-real-time programs

It would great to get to the point when an agency RFP specifies a social OOH 360 realtime program and we know that there are say 1,000 screens available for that program or a Social OOH 180 non-real-time program and know that there are 250,000 screens available. OOH/DOOH networks would be able to declare that their screens are compatible with any or all of the four flavors of the standard and digital markets (for that IS the world we are in) will eventually be better able to match OOH buyers and sellers.

Ultimately, mobile and social engagement opportunities enable advertisers to connect with consumers in a more meaningful way and create a dialogue rather than a monologue with those consumers. And that connection is critical to the success of our market.

The document is available to any interested parties NOT JUST OAAA MEMBERS. Another fine example of industry leadership.

Congratulations to Stephen Freitas and his team at OAAA for their stewardship on this standard.

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