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Gap has been innovating recently with their digital seasonal promotions and this holiday season is no exception. Their multi-channel holiday campaign (their third with LocaModa), “Love Comes In Every Shade” includes a 360 social/OOH program that connects out-of-home media to the most popular social networks for maximum audience amplification.

(Note: Programs with a feedback loop to consumers are often called 360 programs, as opposed to one-way social programs that are called 180.)

Here’s how #GapLove works:

A user tweets a message and photo containing the hashtag #GapLove.

The user’s message is filtered and moderated by LocaModa’s social messaging platform, and, subject to being acceptable, is then posted to the Viacom Times Square screen. (Note: The Viacom Times Sq screen does’t need any additional hardware to run this type of program.)

A camera facing the Viacom screen is synchronized with the media, and takes a souvenir photo of the user’s submission. (again, no additional hardware is required to synchronize the camera – only a web connection.)

A message is tweeted to the user, with a link to their souvenir photo.

The souvenir page not only contains a photo of the users moment of fame, but also share links to Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, Tumbler and Google+

It’s just too easy to click a link, type a comment, and hey presto the brand is potentially in front of another 300 people the average social graph size.

Data taken from LocaModa’s ten most recent 360 programs shows that over 75% of users share their photo with their social graph, and more than 80% of those users do so via Facebook. By the way, users also happen to spend more than 4.00 minutes on their souvenir page – another good brand touchpoint and conversation point.

Amongst the first people to pick up on the Gap program, send in her photo, then retweet her moment of fame was a member of Wal-Mart’s Global Comms Team.

So for anyone in DOOH/OOH still sitting on the sidelines about enabling social platforms, the message should be getting louder and clearer every day:

Big brands are engaging.