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So apparently LocaModa CEO Stephen Randall took some time away from karaoke and Beatles cover bands during his recent trip to Japan to stand up as a thought leader in place based social media…


LocaModa CEO Stephen Randall and Senior Systems Engineer Jacob Elder are headed home this weekend after quite the week in Japan. Let’s put any business details aside for a moment and focus on the fact that they met the Japanese Beatles! Stephen is lucky enough to have met the real Paul twice… but now he can really add some substance to his celeb track record!


What do I spot brewing way out there in the Pacific?

That’s right. A perfect Loca social media storm. Stephen and Jacob are headed to Japan next week to work on some LocaModa surprises to come!

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Because I don’t think it received nearly the attention it deserved the first time I posted about it, I wanted to pay heed to an original white paper by LocaModa Senior Systems Architect, Jacob Elder, entitled Twitter on Place Based Screens: Why It’s Not So Simple.

With the rise of place-based social media and new digital signage networks popping up everywhere, Jacob’s paper explains the complexities of real-time content display and the operational baggage that comes with it. For venues looking to integrate social media into their digital display network, it’s a must read.

Download the free full pdf version.


We’re proud to announce that LocaModa Senior Platform Architect Jacob Elder has published a white paper entitled Twitter on Place Based Screens: Why It’s Not So Simple.” The paper addresses the complex issues of streaming real time content across networks of social locations, focusing on the technical and operational ramifications.

From the abstract:

Displaying place-based social media brings with it a plethora of challenges, from technological hurdles of aggregation and delivery of arbitrary, on-demand social media data streams to compliance with public decency laws, the CAN-SPAM Act and public liability considerations – all while having to facilitate a holistic and engaging user experience to mostly transient, lean-back audiences.

The technical challenges range from the well-understood battles against internet spammers and pranksters to technological hurdles of delivering information in a timely, coherent and relevant fashion. The biggest challenge of all, however, is the unenviable task of having to moderate large amounts of information in real time; moreover, that information often must be filtered through ad hoc communities, topics of interest or venue and contextual guidelines in order to make it suitable and desirable for public display.

Elder’s white paper is available as a free full-length pdf.

And if you just can’t get enough, more LocaModa white papers are also available.