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This post is a follow up to Part I: Tips for Displaying Social Media Content on Place Based Screens: Removing URLs and Revealing Backgrounds.

Our current cross-channel campaign for World Cup has proved to be a telling case study for message curation versus message moderation. For text messages and direct-from-web messages, LocaModa relies on a queue view for moderation, in which messages are immediately rated and approved/rejected for display depending upon network, venue and brand guidelines. In the moderation model, messages are handled chronologically by time sent.

However, when we’re looking at the millions of messages tagged #worldcup over the duration of the tournament (300,000 per game and up to 3,000 per second), we’re facing a message saturation level that begs the Moderation Queue to be weeded. We’re no longer in the position where having every message displayed is the best solution; instead, the ability to choose the most relevant and timely messages out of the tens of thousands per hour received becomes a huge boost to the value of the content stream. While on one level hashtags have made it easier to filter content quickly, overused or misused hashtags threaten the integrity of the practice.

That’s where LocaModa flips the switch to Message Curation

In this model, a moderator can quickly sift messages for context and nuance that tags can miss. The goal is to fill the allotted place-based display time with as many quality, campaign-relevant messages as possible, while weeding out the messages that tagging alone couldn’t cull.

For an event with as much social media traffic as the World Cup, message curation proves a necessary step to whittling down the noise.

Now pass me my vuvuzela.

[For more insight on displaying social media content on place-based screens, you can download a full version of LocaModa's recent white paper, "Twitter on Place Based Screens: Why It’s Not So Simple," written by Senior Systems Architect Jacob Elder.]


This is one of the greatest photo captures of a LocaModa app ever! Thanks to Gabi Porter at Metromix NY for nabbing this awesome photo at the Foursquare Mayors Ball at Thompson LES in NYC. The event proved to be a gathering of today’s Bright Young Things of Social Media, and the venue certainly provided a fitting backdrop to the action!


We’re pleased to announce that we’ve welcomed two new members to the LocaModa Advisory Board.

Michael Quinn served as Chief-Strategist & SVP Marketing at Premier Retail Networks, generating over $1 Billion during his tenure at the company and executing the largest equity event in the history of Digital Out of Home. Michael is also a founder and Board member of the DPAA and a member of the Board of Advisors at RMG Networks.

Ralph Folz brings his experience as Global Chief Operating Officer of Isobar, the digital marketing unit of Aegis Media, and as the founder and CEO of Molecular, which he built into one of the most highly regarded Internet consulting firms.

We’re all excited to have them on board!

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Thanks to our friends at BMA Engage for sending us this pic of our Wiffiti + Foursquare app in action at their 2010 National Conference at the Swissôtel Chicago. The speaker in the background is GE’s CMO, Beth Comstock.

You can also join the conversation remotely using the commands below. The conference runs through Friday, with a full agenda here.

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Txt @BMAengage + your message to 87884 or email your photos to BMAengage@Wiffiti.com.
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As part of Internet Week in NYC, we’re excited to be headed to the Mashable Media Summit on June 8th at the Times Center. Our friends at Mashable will be displaying our Wiffiti + Foursquare app, so look for us on the big screens!

We’ll be on site capturing photos of our platform in action. Looks like an amazing line-up, so register if you haven’t already!