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MediaPost’s Online Media Daily featured a piece this morning highlighting the fact that regular mobile phones (those “which do not have operating systems of offer the same range of functionality as smartphones”) are working to keep up with the likes of  the iPhone and BlackBerry. The article notes that while “feature phones” are slowly losing ground to smartphones, they still hold a strong lead in market share – 72%.

So we’d like to use this opportunity as a reminder to those looking to add interactivity to their digital out of home campaign: no smartphones, no custom apps, no true OS? No problem. All you need to interact with the LocaModa platform is a text messaging plan (US only…for now).

LocaModa's test cell phones. Shown with original iMac puck mouse to illustrate age of technology.

I’ll admit that the majority of LocaModa employees have iPhones (with a BlackBerry or two in the mix). But that doesn’t mean we don’t build our platform with universal compatibility in mind. We even have a few feature phones sitting around the office for testing.

Sure, writing a custom app (like Jumbli for the iPhone) to integrate into your DOOH campaign will enhance some interactive experience, perhaps providing revenue opportunities and – of course – plenty of buzz. But when it comes down to it, the good ol’ text or photo message is all you need to extend your interactive media to audiences beyond the web.

Above, LocaModa’s test cell phones. Shown with original iMac puck mouse to illustrate age of technology.


Hi! My name’s Nidhi, and I’m LocaModa’s new (awesome) intern. I came here after studying Marketing at Emerson College in Boston. I’m helping out with social media stuff, ad sales, brainstorming and surprisingly no coffee runs yet! I’m also the youngest person here.

Loca is a great place to start my career. Everyone on the web is busy talking about how social media is instrumental to any ad campaign and how traditional media isn’t the most effective way to reach consumers anymore. But at Loca, we’re actually doing something about it. We’re integrating digital OOH with mobile technology and the web. It’s revolutionary. And exciting to be a part of!

I’ll be helping Jayne update The Web Outside. Stay tuned for posts on digital signage from the perspective of a digital native.

You can also find me @TheWebOutside


In an election climate that drew much of its early vigor from the infamous 3am text message heard ’round the nation, it’s only fitting that as the day grows closer we gear up in suitable fashion…
Yep… It’s time to get your cell phone outfitted for election day data overload.

As a first step, check out two of the best mobile sites I’ve found: Google Election News Tracker and CNN’s America Votes mobile site. I have the Goog app bookmarked on my iPhone (see my strangely red hand holding up said app below), and it’s a great quick resource pulling in the latest election-related rss feeds. It’s really nothing fancier than a simple pre-loaded search query, but helpful on the go.

Slate.com also released a sweet little iPhone app called Vote Tracker 08 (99 cents at the app store) that’s been getting positive reviews.

Moving beyond the mobile web, I urge you to follow Paul Notzold’s Txtual Healing 10 Nights, 10 Cities, 4 States, 1 Obama Road Trip ’08!

And, of course, don’t forget to send your Wiffiti support to the Obama Minute Billboard in Times Square!


Next Wednesday, I’m psyched to attend Harvard’s Berkman Center Youth and Civic Engagement Forum, part of their ongoing series of events discussing Digital Natives. This forum will broadly focus on how young people use digital technologies in their daily lives; more specifically, it will explore how engaging with such technologies can bring about meaningful change. [more after the jump]

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I’m in Texas.  That’s abundantly clear.

I’ll fill you in with a full pictorial shortly, but first a Wiffiti update.

Despite a few AV issues last night, Wiffiti was a hit!  Better yet, speaking to attendees, people were familiar with the online screen and immediately knew what to do in the venue!  What a difference a year makes…

Wiffiti will continue to be live 24/7 on the Netroots Nation site, and live in venue off and on through Saturday night.  If you’re at the convention, look for Wiffiti in Exhibition Hall 4 (and, hey, while you’re at it, give me some dinner suggestions).

Forgive the lighting issues… better pics to come when I return and can upload the pics from the good cam.  These are the iPhone “express” editions…