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Look like the social media trend is catching on in the UK! Kings Place in London has teamed up with Network Rail to host a ‘mobile poetry contest‘ using twitter and digital signage. Travelers can participate by tweeting Haiku-style poems to @kingsplace using their mobile phones. Tweets go to the largest digital screen at King’s Cross station where they’re viewed by 110,000 people every day.

What’s the incentive? Apart from seeing their poetry displayed live, submissions go to judges Yoko Ono and UK-poet Jackie Kay MBE, and the winner gets free entrance for two at Kings Place’s Words on Monday events for an entire year.

Now this is the kind of promotion we’re talking about! Seriously, we’ve been talking about the New Media Triad for years now, and have Wiffiti to prove it. :)


Digital Signage Universe recently wrote a great piece on the growing use of digital signage on campuses.

Some highlights of the article:

Universities are embracing digital signage because it provides a cost-efficient and highly effective method for distributing information that solves the issues of speed, readiness, and reduction of paper… “If a campus spends even a few thousand dollars on printed materials, such as posters or fliers, they would see an immediate return on investment with this technology.”
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Are you planning to use Wiffiti at an event, in your classroom or at a church?

In addition to pulling in real-time content to Wiffiti via tags (i.e. topics, keywords), you may want to try using hashtag“hashtags (a specific keyword used across social networks) for a richer experience. Here are a few tips:

- Create the screen using an easy to remember hashtag (to pull in tweets and Flickr messages). View it in full screen mode.

- Tell your audience what it is – it also helps to display the hashtag somewhere prominent.

- Make sure your screen has two tags, one with the “#” symbol and one without. (If the hashtag is #c299, the twitter search won’t pick up cs299 and vice versa.)
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It’s only fitting that Wiffiti is being used at the Boston Cyberarts Festival this week. After all, the festival is North America’s largest collaboration artwork created using new technologies.

Wiffiti at Boston Cyberarts Festival

If you’re in the area before May 10, go check out the Festival. Exhibitions include the following media: visual arts, dance, music, electronic literature, web art, and public art. While you’re there, send a message to the Wiffiti screen!

*We’re using a combination of five Wiffitis. Text messages starting with @ca2009 to 87884 or Tweet using “cyberarts” to get on the Cyberarts Screen.