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Who knew our CTO was also such a TV star?

Okay, I guess we did.

Check out the video and read the coverage on the NECN site.

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Here at LocaModa we just launched our new site this afternoon, so scoot on over and pull up a chair! </shameless plug>

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Pull out your cell phone and go play live on the web against the crowd in Times Square!


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I’m a total sucker for social marketing campaigns that actually seem to accomplish what they set out to do…

Today, I’m a major worshipping sucker for Domino’s BFD site (ahem… Big Fantastic Deal).

Sure, lots of food delivery services allow you to order food via text or IM, but Domino’s gets the social aspect spot-on. Users go to the site, pick out their crust, amount of sauce, toppings, and so on… and then their personalized pie is added to a huge catalog of existing user-created “recipes.” The pizzas are named by the users, creating a fun and cheeky list ranging from the “Get’er Done” (perfectly paired with PBR) to the “Rick and Ronda Half Nelson” (clearly built upon a marriage of a pepperoni lover and a veggie) to the “This Little Piggy” (fairly self-explanatory).

The site is well-executed, doesn’t take itself too seriously, and builds up a storehouse of UGC without pushing customers to use it.

Now please excuse me while I order a deep dish with spinach and green peppers…
I call it “The Pizza Outside.” See?… a sucker.

Now you do it.

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