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Another first for LocaModa this week, as we’ve connected Viacom’s iconic framed MTV screen in Times Square to the web, enabling user generated photos and text messages to be submitted (via phone or web), moderated in real time, and displayed for 5 minutes an hour (on the half hour). Users are notified by text or email when their messages are approved and have gone live.

Check out the website, and share the live feed with your friends!

LocaModa, MTV, and Stride Join Forces to Showcase UGC in Times Square!

This version of LocaModa’s platform is a result of a venture between MTV and LocaModa and has been designed for branded content and customization. Launched today, the marquee brand during the first month is Stride Gum. They’re encouraging users to send their pretty faces to the screen to grab their :15 of fame! Here’s to a “Ridiculously Long Lasting” partnership!


Do you think Lady Gaga is a glittery fool? David Letterman is outmoded and particularly unfunny? Family Guy smothers The Simpsons?

Head over to Vh1′s The Great Debates and have your say!
LocaModa's The Great Debates App in Times Square

On Facebook? Visit the Vh1 fan page and click on the ‘Featured’ tab to vote from the web.

Need other options? You can text your vote to any one of the featured polls to 87884! Tune in all week to VH1′s The Great Debate at 10/9C for the txt battle of the day.

The polls are featured on MTV’s Times Square billboard twice an hour 24/7 through the end of the week, and are also showcased on over 300 Zoom Media & Marketing screens in bars and restaurants.


Just this week, we officially announced the release of Wiffiti 4.0 with all it’s fabulous new features. If you used Wiffiti way back in the day, you’ll barely recognize the platform! Jayne scrounged through her extensive photo collection and found this one of our very first Wiffiti from way back in January, 2006 at Someday Cafe, Somerville Mass:

    Wiffiti Save our Someday

Compare that to this from today:

    Wiffiti Iran Screen, July 09

Looks different, doesn’t it! Check out our Flickr photo stream to see the evolution of Wiffiti over the years (and events).

Here are some of the highlights of Wiffiti 4.0:

- Incorporation of real time messages from the web, Twitter & Flickr
- Data tracking – after all isn’t that the best part of social media
- Embeddable in any digital signage network supporting Flash
- Auto-filtering, as well as a professional moderation options
- Random name generator – instead of numbers, you now get randomly assigned ColorAnimal or AdjectiveAnimal names. They’re quite fun – I’m SangriaPorcupine!

Wiffiti is also now available as a free standard version or as a professional version offering a more customizable feature set. Here’s a snapshot of what Wiffiti.com/DemiLovato looks like:

    Wiffiti Demi Lovato

For more information about Wiffiti 4.0, read our press release