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All this month Levi Strauss have taken over the new Van Wagner screen opposite Penn Station, NYC, at 34th and 7th Ave to run an extension of their #GoForth campaign. In this program LocaModa was asked to run curated real-time content from Twitter and Instagram, hashtagged #GoForth and #PostMe (the latter hashtag being an additional requriement to ensure the content was explicity intended by the user to be posted).

Instagram has not been used in digital out of home campaigns as extensively as other real time streams. As a source of beautiful looking content, it’s an under-leveraged platform and as you can see from the photos above and below, it’s a match made in heaven.

Levi’s #GoForth campaign and hashtag is attracting a lot of inspirational photos and messages and the LocaModa-enabled extension helps to sustain that activity, reinforcing aspects of the brand’s identity and provides a beautiful backdrop to the many millions of commuters that pass that screen every week.

The real time content runs for 30 seconds, 40 times an hour, 24/7 for all of October.


This morning, that old Billy Paul song “Me and Mrs Jones” suggested itself as a useful metaphor to explain something about the polygamous relationship between DOOH, Mobile and Social.

This is a topic I’ll be speaking more about at next week’s (16th Oct) DPAA Digital Media Summit, so I’ve been thinking about simple ways to explain the challenges and opportunities in our space.

So does DOOH (and/or place-based media – to keep the pedants happy) have a thing going on?

Well when it’s with Mrs Jones, yes actually. When connected to social channels (via mobile or desktop computers)DOOH engagement and audiences is amplified by MORE THAN 10X.

Some data here: In the promotion of the Titanic Blu-Ray DVD, the DOOH media portion for the campaign had an available reach of 375,000. But a disconnected DOOH audience/experience is rarely what the client actually wants (even though in too many cases, the media buying politics are deaf to other channels/budgets and the difference they can make to the success of a program). This time though the brand did it right and used our platform to connect a multi-channel program. And when the DOOH campaign was connected to the brand’s online assets (namely but not exclusively) Facebook, the total available reach was over 28 million, of which 5.1 Million actually saw the campaign.

But don’t let me leave you with the impression that DOOH can’t raise to the occasion as well. By connecting the campaign to DOOH screens, the brand generating 282,000 engaged users and 2,700 comments, adding 2,723,544 fans and 688,704 New Likes, 37.67% more than the trailing 12 days prior to the campaign. In other words, the online channels WITH DOOH were also MORE effective.

That’s quite a potent uplift for DOOH.