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We’ve had a lot of interest lately from Wiffiti users who are looking for advanced features, more customization, and professional moderation. So, in addition to personal responses (always feel free to contact us directly), I wanted to address some of those issues here as well. Keep an eye on the blog for user questions as they come in.

Most of the LocaModa Feature posts on this blog capture the work we’re doing for major agencies and brands, with massive displays and custom cross-channel integration work. But don’t be put off if you’re a nonprofit or smaller network looking to integrate our services! We’re currently running a Self-Managed Apps Program which offers a menu of advanced features catered to smaller organizations like schools and churches.

We’re also always open to feedback from smaller organizations that have found success using Wiffiti. We’re always adding new features to our roadmap based on your ideas, so keep them coming. For example, after hearing that you’d like a “reveal” feature to showcase the Wiffiti background images at timed intervals, we got to work on integrating this into our custom feature set. We’re also plugging away at a bundle of new options for custom photo display, coming soon to the advanced features list!


empty_barPart III of Stephen Randall’s White Paper series on Digital Out of Home best practices has been released today via DailyDOOH.

This paper focuses on curing what we call the “Ghost Town Problem,” which refers to digital screens that receive little to no audience participation. Because every screen lives and dies by its context (both in terms of physical environment and audience composition), solving Ghost Town becomes a complex brew of leveraging content from similar locations and social feeds, providing a relevant and clear call-to-action, and catering content, visuals, and messaging to audience type.

The full text is available for free download.


What’s that? A bearded hawk who’s obsessed with interactive media? Or is he just wooed by our shiny new hardware? Perhaps both.
In any case, many thanks to the panel of the MOBI Awards for honoring LocaModa as a finalist in the Best Cross-Channel Campaign category for our work on VH1′s The Great Debate.


The Loca team is representing us well at Advertising Week in NYC today! They’re on-site for our integration with Clear Channel for real-time photo display in Times Square. If you’re attending Ad Week, head down to the tent underneath the Spectacolor jumbotron (between 48th and Broadway) to get your photographic moment of glory! Not in the area? You can send your mug to adweek@wiffiti.com for a chance to show your lovely smile (or scowl, we won’t judge) to the masses.


We’ll also be showcasing our platform at the main gala this evening, so keep an eye out for Loca’s finest!


stride_screenshotPart 2 of Stephen’s series of white papers focusing on industry best practices is now available for free download.

This paper, entitled Building an Interactive Digital Out of Home Experience – Basic Considerations for Mobile & Social Interactivity on Digital Out of Home Networks, works to define what interactivity really means in our industry, and how we ensure that this definition holds its shape among the endless possibilities of cross-channel permutations.

A special thanks to DailyDOOH for featuring the paper this morning as well, as they’re always one of our top daily reads.

If you missed Part 1 (tsk, tsk), you can download it here.