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Copyblogger has a great post today about utilizing ‘digital scraps’ to produce new content. Although the recommendation of repurposing media byproducts to jumpstart new products (or enhance existing ones) is simple, his tips can also be applied to place based media networks and campaigns.

A few ideas:

* Interactive cross-channel campaigns like Be Here benefit from a wide array of content submissions and messages. Encourage users to send in their media nuggets that don’t necessarily fit into their honeymoon album or family photo wall. Think of digital photo walls as the perfect place to submit that photo that is returned at the top of the “Interesting” search result query on Flickr.

* Wiffiti is basically a digital stream of consciousness conversation. There’s no need for users to overthink your CTA. In fact, simple CTAs produce more organic (not to mention more free-form, engaging and fun) content streams. For images, channel your inner Duchamp; txts can be sent in the spirit of Burroughs.

* Posting a contextually-relevant Wiffiti screen on your website invites a constant flow of user input that is automatically collated and displayed to your readers. This online version (whether embedded on Facebook, a dedicated microsite, or within an affiliated blog post), while technically a byproduct of a place based product, is a no-brainer as a value-add.

* The most successful place based apps often mashup multiple social media utilities (e.g. Wiffiti, Foursquare, Twitter, Flickr). Why not join the party?

In the place based mediasphere, encouraging recycling isn’t just the responsible thing to do, it’s the most fun for your viewers, too ;)


A fantastic conversation has taken shape on the #screenmediaexpo group on LinkedIn, focusing around the current climate of interactive digital signage, expectations for the future, and the merits of integrating interactive DOOH with operational management systems (e.g. POS) contrasted with cross-channel brand awareness campaigns and their (perhaps) more organic sense of user engagement.

(Note: Making that last sentence non-partisan has caused me to break into a legitimate sweat.)

This discussion begins to pull back the curtain for a set of keynotes at the Screenmedia Expo Europe, held in London’s Earl’s Court on May 5-6th, one of which will be delivered by LocaModa’s own Stephen Randall, and the other by Symon’s VP of Biz Dev, Steve Gurley.

If you’re in the DOOH space and not a member of the #screenmediaexpo group, get on it!

And if you are… hop on the discussion thread and prepare to be amazed at the respect and neutrality of all of the contributors. It’s an encouragingly open conversation for the DOOH industry, particularly in its finessing of the oftentimes contentious subject of defining value within an interactive play across all relevant parties – end user, venue, OS, network, brand.


Thanks to our proprietary LocaRadar Zombie Robots, we’ve spotted Wiffiti at the Forrester Marketing Forum (#fmf10) in LA today.

We’re flattered… Next time, call us ;)


Because I don’t think it received nearly the attention it deserved the first time I posted about it, I wanted to pay heed to an original white paper by LocaModa Senior Systems Architect, Jacob Elder, entitled Twitter on Place Based Screens: Why It’s Not So Simple.

With the rise of place-based social media and new digital signage networks popping up everywhere, Jacob’s paper explains the complexities of real-time content display and the operational baggage that comes with it. For venues looking to integrate social media into their digital display network, it’s a must read.

Download the free full pdf version.


I wanted to post a quick weekend recap:
Our LocaModa/Foursquare App was on display at the Official Foursquare Day Party at the Rivington Hotel on 4/16, we sponsored BarCamp Boston at MIT’s Stata Center on 4/17 and 4/18, and we welcomed to our newest network partner, SportsBar Digital!

Thanks to Kyle Porter for the great Cheyenne Grille pic!