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In an election climate that drew much of its early vigor from the infamous 3am text message heard ’round the nation, it’s only fitting that as the day grows closer we gear up in suitable fashion…
Yep… It’s time to get your cell phone outfitted for election day data overload.

As a first step, check out two of the best mobile sites I’ve found: Google Election News Tracker and CNN’s America Votes mobile site. I have the Goog app bookmarked on my iPhone (see my strangely red hand holding up said app below), and it’s a great quick resource pulling in the latest election-related rss feeds. It’s really nothing fancier than a simple pre-loaded search query, but helpful on the go.

Slate.com also released a sweet little iPhone app called Vote Tracker 08 (99 cents at the app store) that’s been getting positive reviews.

Moving beyond the mobile web, I urge you to follow Paul Notzold’s Txtual Healing 10 Nights, 10 Cities, 4 States, 1 Obama Road Trip ’08!

And, of course, don’t forget to send your Wiffiti support to the Obama Minute Billboard in Times Square!


Nokia made this video to tout mobile as the emerging fourth screen.
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Although the piece is extremely well done, here at LocaModa we prefer to think of the fourth screen in a much broader, more integrated sense than simply the “mobile screen” (as slick as they’ve become on many models). Per the Teemu Arina quote I referenced yesterday, this is much more about a convergence of screens (mobile, web, digital out-of-home) than the ascendancy of one particular facet.

All that said… still a video worth watching.


I came across this amazing excerpt this morning on Smart Mobs, which quite elegantly sums up the integrated, convergent vision of LocaModa and The New Media Triad.

The passage, taken from a longer work by Teemu Arina, explores How Mobile is Changing Our Society:

I have a feeling that the question we pose today is wrong. It’s not about mobile anymore. For some people, mobile means the devices that we carry around as we move, usually hooked up to a cellular network. The truth is, the activities we go through online with computers and what we do with our “mobiles” cannot be seen as separate anymore. This convergence means our language needs to change or our culture will never understand its future. . .

The mobile is like the horse wagon. If Henry Ford had asked people what they wanted, they would have said “faster horses.” It’s the language and our experience of the past that limits our understanding of the future of “mobile.”

Arina’s Mobile Monday Amsterdam event sold out its 400-seat capacity in 2 hours.

I’m not surprised.

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Because we have a 1:1 ratio of iPhones to employees in the LocaModa office, most conference calls involve a cacophony of static and beeps when the devices belly up to the table with the Polycom speaker phone.

Clearly, iPhones don’t like to sit next to other phones; it makes them jittery.

Yesterday, thanks to a Steve Woodruff tweet, I learned a neat trick: Place your iPhone on top of a piece of tinfoil, and it eliminates all interference!

It actually works!

As an alternate solution, I suppose we could all tuck our phones underneath our tin foil helmets like in Signs…

(By the way, check out this fascinating study on the efficacy of tin foil helmets from a few good folks at the MIT Media Lab. I also must credit them with this terrific image below.)


Tired of industry buzzwords?

Tired of “buzzword” as a buzzword?

Tired of lame images of bees used in every blog post about buzzwords? (I would never…)

For those of you interested in emerging media, digital signage, and all things mobile, check our the newest addition to the blog: The DOOH Dictionary. While you’re at it, check out the books and blogs we’re currently digging over on our Resources page.

Oh, the magical land beyond the landing page!

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