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Paramount has just launched an interactive program via LocaModa as part of a campaign for their Titanic Blue Ray release.

Their interactive Titanic program is “Recreate one of these iconic poses and you could appear in Times Square”. What’s refreshing about this program is that Paramount has been very savvy about priming it first via non-DOOH channels.

Paramount announced the program on facebook and Twitter at 7.00 pm EST Tuesday evening and by the 10.00 am the following morning we had already received over 5,000+ shares, 94,000 likes, and over 2,000 comments. See attached screen shot below.

LocaModa is the most deployed platform in Times Sq for interactive media and we’ve executed hundreds of similar campaigns globally, but we’re often surprised that clients don’t do what Paramount is doing to leverage ALL the channels at their disposal to get maximum exposure.

The lesson here (I hope) is that clients should encourage their media buyers to avoid silo thinking. Sure, often the OOH/DOOH media buyer has little or no access to other channels’ budgets. But dare I say, that sometimes OOH/DOOH “strategists” are not even interested in anything that isn’t out-of-home.

So while it’s more common to see DOOH media sold as a standalone solution, the amplification of awareness that comes from well executed multi-channel campaigns should encourage more agencies and companies to take a leaf out of Paramount’s book.

The facebook link is here.


Developing social media platforms, tools, applications, widgets etc is always a moving target. APIs, terms and conditions etc change daily – so when vendors offer you their social media solution, you better know what questions to ask. You need to avoid being legally exposed for running social media software or content that does not comply with a social media platform’s terms and conditions.

For example, Twitter states VERY CLEARLY that no product can have TWEET in its name. Their full branding rules are here.

The growing competition for putting tweets on public screens requires the DOOH buyer to be sophisticated and knowledgeable enough to choose the right social media vendor.

This is a very specialized space.

Buyer beware.