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Last month I wrote about the DOOH Stack and how we can be informed by Google’s purchase of Motorola’s mobile business and its IP portfolio into thinking through related issues in our own neck of the woods.

Today I read a great post on Arstechnica. Just suspend disbelief for a few minutes and read that post, replacing the word smartphone with DOOH and some of the company names (Apple, Google etc) with our own industry Gorillas.

Hopefully you’ll see why I’m excited about DOOH and how a strategic view of our market might play out.


On Wednesday I’m on a panel at DPAA talking about convergence.

The sexiness of cross pollinating mobile, social and DOOH is a hot topic. The coexistence of these technologies is often characterized as “Convergence.”

But convergence is a myth.

What is more important is interoperability.

If my device/network can’t interoperate with an audience’s device/network, it might as well be dead to the world. Media will be less measurable, less actionable, less engaging, less immersive, less… everything if it cannot interoperate. And when most people talk about convergence, they actually mean interoperability.

Convergence leads us down the wrong path – we do not need to build neighboring technologies into our devices/networks, we need to build connections and interfaces into them so that they can communicate with each other.

That’s why our DOOH screens, players, CMS, networks etc need to display tweets, checkins, Facebooks fans, text messages… because if they can’t they are like yesterday’s newspaper – old news.

Our DOOH screens need to co-operate with the outside world – and each other.

Interpretability is the word.