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DOOH Dictionary

Need a quick primer on Digital Out-of-Home (DOOH), Mobile, and New Media buzzwords?
We’re here to help you wade through the jargon.

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CONNECTED CLASS: Also referred to as Digital Natives or Mobile Millenials, these users never knew a time before cell phones and Starbucks’ wifi.

DIGITAL NATIVE: see Connected Class.

DIGITAL MEDIA PLATFORM: The basic infrastructure that allows various media file types to coexist in an integrated, customized content loop. LocaModa’s platform adds a layer of interactivity and measurability atop this base, resulting in an Interactive Media Platform for digital signage.

DOOH: Digital Out-of-Home. First off, let’s admit that the acronym is unfortunate (thanks, Homer, thanks). DOOH refers to digital signage that is displayed in public spaces (Times Square, airports, outdoor concert venues, enormous office buildings in Dubai), social places (bars, restaurants, cafes, college campuses, convention centers), and retail environments.

DIGITAL SIGNAGE: Also referred to as Dynamic Signage. Refers to multimedia content displayed via projector, LCD, plasma screen, or electronic billboard, usually by way of a computer or devoted set-top box. Interactive digital signage allows users to engage with the on-screen content in real-time using a specialized device or (in the case of LocaModa) a mobile phone.

EXPRESSION-BASED MEDIA: In contrast to impression-based media, expression-based media invites people to engage with beneficial and entertaining content to create a responsive, user-controlled media environment. Effective expression-based media encourages users to create and share content with others.

MOBILE CLICK: In interactive digital signage, the ability to recognize a unique user engaging with a social media application via a mobile phone. The user’s phone number is encoded and treated much like a web “cookie,” adding a layer of measurability not otherwise available on standard digital content. Mobile Clicks are helpful in tracking valuable user statistics across digital signage networks.

MOBILE MILLENIALS: see Connected Class.

MO: A text message sent from a mobile phone.

MT: A text message delivered to a mobile phone.

NEW MEDIA TRIAD: The media distribution model by which brands and advertisers can engage with consumers using web, mobile, and out-of-home displays, all within an integrated campaign.

OTS: Opportunity To See. The probability a screen has to be viewed by consumers. Useful variable for brands and advertisers.

PLACE BASED NETWORKS: Refers to networks of digital displays in locations which serve audiences. This term captures the evolving definition of ‘digital,’ which has come to connote multi-channel, interactivity, and measurability.

PLACE BASED SOCIAL MEDIA: (see also: LocaModa) Location-relevant, real-time content which streams from social utilities (e.g. Twitter, Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare) for audience consumption and interaction, both in social locations and online.

SMS: Short Message Service. A communication system that allows users to send 160 character messages to each other or to interactive social media applications using a mobile phone.

SHORTCODE: Usually 5 or 6 digits, a shortcode is basically a shortened telephone number, used principally for mobile messaging campaigns and interactive social media applications.

SOCIAL GRAPH: The body of friends and colleagues one connects with on the web. The term was originally coined by Brad Fitzpatrick, and is most often used in reference to social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter.

SOCIAL MEDIA APPLICATIONS: Refers to games, messaging, photo-sharing, and interactive content that forces users to HAVE FUN and encourages people to (omigod) TALK TO EACH OTHER.

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