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According to the Huffington Post, the 2012 US Election campaigns will have cost $7 billion by the time the last vote has been cast.


Well we know there’s no such thing as a free lunch – so maybe the same can be said of “free” speech?

Not if LocaModa has anything to do with it.

Democratic communications firm SKDKnickerbocker and Republican survey research firm McLaughlin & Associates, have joined forces with LocaModa to roll out a bipartisan social media tool for elected officials, candidates, and politicos to engage the constituents and political audiences they care about.

LocaModa Red will be used at the Republican National Convention in Tampa Florida, Aug 27-30th AND LocaModa Blue will be used at the Democratic National Convention, Charlotte N.Carolina, Sept 3- 6th.

In addition, in the run up to the November elections, Politicos can use free versions of LocaModa Red or Blue or upgrade to pro versions with greater moderation options, custom displays and advertising features.

LocaModa Red is available here via McLaughlinOnline.

LocaModa Blue is available here via SKDKnickerbocker.

Never let it be said that your voice can’t be heard in this day and age.

More details are available here: