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poptechJust caught wind of this conference from Katrin over at MobileActive (who will be a speaker this year, btw).

According to the Pop!Tech site, the conference brings together “eclectic network of industry leaders, scientists, technologies, social change agents, artists, educators, the press, bloggers, explorers and one-of-a-kind thought-leaders from a huge variety of fields and number of different places – bound together by an intense curiosity about the forces, challenges and opportunities shaping our future.”

Held mid-October in Camden, Maine, this event looks like anything but your typical techcentric convention. A quaint seaside town replaces the usual Silicon Valley locale, and high-energy networking gets swapped out for a “relaxed and informal” vibe. Definitely worth checking out, if only for a new take on a 2.0-type gathering.


Just learned that Dave Haynes, a fellow blogger in the Digital Signage space, has left his nearly three-year tenure at Digital View Media (which is currently transitioning into Enqii) to join BroadSign in Montreal.

Best wishes on your new gig, Dave – and hope you’re back up and blogging soon!


playgroundAccording to a MediaPost article last week, outdoor media spending is up 5.1%, “due to its continued deployment of new digital technology.”

Although overall ad spending was down .5% from this time in ’06, Internet spending experienced a gigantic leap – growing a zippy 23.6% in a year.

Unsurprisingly, the biggest drops were seen in newspapers (both local and national) and local mags (although national mags showed a sweet 8.4% boost).

Sure, none of the report is shocking, but always great to see the OOH segment on a continued climb.


Over the weekend, LocaModian Bill Nast had an iPhone emergency. After running out of battery power, his precious device refused to be recharged.

OMG! Poor Bill! What evaah will he do?
[to be pronounced with a Southern drawl, not a Boston accent]

Understandably upset, Bill made a call to Apple Customer Care.
Turned out to be the right iDea (okay, sorry, sooorry). Not only were they pleasant (customer service? pleasant? humina whaaat?)… but they were –get this– helpful.

Without further ado, check out the photos of the Apple iPhone Help Kit, delivered via FedEx Overnight.

In case you can’t read the copy on the box, here ’tis:

We’re sorry that your iPhone isn’t working as it should. This kit contains a temporary iPhone and everything you need to have your iPhone repaired as quickly as possible.

That’s right. Everything. Including a paperclip (in a cute little baggie with visual instructions) to switch out the SIM cards, packing tape for the prepaid FedEx return, and a sturdy, branded packing box.

While Jobs’ price cuts are still being debated as a major gaffe, they’re definitely right on the money with their CS.