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Thanks to Bill Gerba of the consistently excellent WireSpring blog for pulling together a list of the 15 Digital Signage Blogs, News, Magazine and Forum Sites You Should Be Reading. (And an even bigger thank you for including The Web Outside on the list!)

Bill will be moderating the upcoming Digital Signage Expo panel in Vegas where LocaModa CEO Stephen Randall will be discussing Social Networking and User-Generated Content.

And hey, while I’m in the mode of tossing around resources, check out Part II of Stephen’s Making the Most of Mobile Marketing article in the latest DSE Expo newsletter.


By now, most of you (especially the mac-ophiles) have probably heard the anecdote of Obama’s new media team entering the White House faced with 6-year-old versions of Windows, nary a laptop in sight, and no social networking tools in place. More than giving me a chuckle and pause – and encapsulating the huge technological overhaul ushered in by the Obama team – the story points up a new dilemma for an administration that’s carving a niche of not only being ultra-current, but more importantly, who is claiming to be transparent.

So, what’s the dilemma? Well, it’s actually more of a fear than a dilemma. I worry that bloggers (from either side of the fence, to be fair) will criticize the Obama team for not treating the new WhiteHouse.gov blog as a traditional blog (or, rather, how we’ve come to define a traditional blog… with open comments, strikethrough edits and the like). I anticipate that closed comments, highly-filtered info, and heavily-edited prose may be thrashed by critical eyes (and countered with unforgiving keystrokes).

I hope this fear is unfounded. I hope that the blogging community can accept that the use of social networking tools in this capacity must be politicized (such a gloppy, misused word anyway). This is not a case of the Obama team trying to talk the talk and tripping over their own priggish walk… They get it; it’s clear from how they ran the campaign that they get it. I just hope that the community takes the social networking and blog push from the Obama team for what it is – a measured, accountable, pulling-back of the executive curtain in a fitting way – and not for what it’s not and never can be…

This ain’t no JenniCam on the WH Master Bedroom, folks. Media transparency in the White House is (and needs to be) a relative term.

So, a toast to you, Obama New Media Team… Here’s to responsible openness within a rapidly changing mediascape:

(Amazing pic courtesy of Boston.com’s Big Picture feature)


Because I can’t help sticking my fingers into every nonprof opportunity that comes my way, I’m lucky to meet a wide array of amazing, civic-minded folks doing some really neat stuff.

Case in point: Mark Tomizawa

I met Mark at an Ethos Roundtable (another great group!) event about a year ago, and we’ve kept in touch about various projects in Cambridge and beyond.
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Along with all of the the inauguration Wiffiti hustle and bustle, LocaModa has also been popping up on industry sites today.

Check out Matt’s article on Hello Viking about the New Big Three:

The problem is customer behavior has changed (duh) and the triad of TV, radio and print has not (double duh).

The obvious question: Can we re-master the triad? Can we to give brands a new trilateral paradigm so that dollars can flow confidently again?

I think yes.

Want more? Part one of Stephen’s feature article, “Making the Most of Mobile Marketing,” can be found in the latest Digital Signage Expo newsletter:

During the past 10 years, consumers have evolved from having a passive relationship with traditional media to actively controlling the media around them. The expectations of this new “Connected Class” (often tagged as “Mobile Millenials” or “Digital Natives”) have been set by Google, Amazon, YouTube, Facebook and other popular online destinations. As such, marketers can no longer expect broadcast messages to have the same impact they once had: Interactivity on the Web and mobile devices is driving an impression-based media industry toward expression-based models.

A lot to chew on a Monday; but hey, it’s a holiday…


That’s right… Wiffiti will be capturing the live vibe of the inauguration in real time – on screens in DC, across the nation, and across the web!

Check out the full release, and send your messages of support to the YesWeCan Wiffiti screen!

Rather just sit back and watch the voices unfold across the globe? Just pull up the screen and track live, relevant feeds from Flickr, Twitter, and Wiffiti stream in as we all witness history unfold together…

Watch Wiffiti simultaneously with inauguration coverage online and on tv, and now we’re talking about truly social media.