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While Tom Brady may be getting all of the attention from Boston sports fans over the next couple weeks (and rightfully so), Celtics’ big gun Kevin Garnett has scooped up the lion’s share of the mobile buzz.

Thanks to Adidas’ “Basketball is a Brotherhood” campaign, over 65,ooo people have texted to a shortcode to receive an inspirational message from Garnett since the campaign launched just two months ago. What’s more… 25K of the texters have called back and left messages for Garnett. Users also have options of creating customized ringtones and loading up personalized mobile greetings voiced by KG.

While I’d love to see them extend the interactive portion to the out-of-home market, the roots of the campaign show excellent cohesion– remaining mindful of the user experience throughout each component. I can only imagine what would happen if they brought this to a big screen at the Garden (hint, hint).

A tip of the hat to Carat-NY and Isobar-Boston for their work thus far on the campaign.

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We noticed a sign this afternoon on our favorite coffee and ice cream haven, Toscanini’s in Central Square, noting that it was “Seized” for not paying taxes. Bostonist seems to have been first on the scene.

Lucky for us, we have plenty of Tosci’s goods in our freezer here at LocaModa (including fan fave “Fat Elvis”– banana-chocolate peanut butter cup. But unlucky for us, we’re going to run low within days (okay, maybe hours) if they don’t reopen soon. In support of our good friends down the road, please send your rally messages to our Save Tosci Wiffiti screen!

[That would be Loca CEO Stephen Randall and CTO Steve An enjoying some Tosci's burnt caramel ice cream on top of their espressos. Cheers!]

*Update* (1.20.08): Sam from Tosci’s has clued me in to the newly-created Save Tosci site… Head on over for ways to help out!

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Last night, I had the pleasure of attending the Ethos Roundtable held at The Charles Hotel in Harvard Square. The topic of “Text Messaging and Civic Engagement” brought about lively discussions of censorship, location personalities, digital signage in public spaces, and best methods for using technology to foster social change…. Not to mention some fun Wiffiti banter.

Always nice to see a great group of people from a number of different backgrounds come together for rapid-fire discussion! I encourage any interested Boston-area folks to keep up with their blog and attend when you can.

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This is a squid.


And this is a Digital Signage Squidoo.

Somewhat similar… but with less cartilage, and more helpful links. Now if only these resources came with a side of calamari…

Anyone use Squidoo on a regular basis? I’ve happened upon it through random blog posts now and again, but have trouble making it a habit. I’m signing up for this particular feed today, so let’s hope my iGoogle can help keep it top of mind– seems like it could be a great resource if it’s updated with decent frequency.

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The headline of AdAge’s daily email blast demanded my attention within a crowded inbox this morning: “NBC to Host Its First Digital Out-of-Home.” While, sure, we all saw that coming from 658 miles back, it’s NBC’s timing that should have us paying extraclose attention to this particular media shift. As AdAge’s Brian Steinberg assesses:

It’s telling that NBC has chosen this year to roll out its first out-of-home upfront. As the writers strike drags on, it’s growing more likely that the big broadcast networks will pull back from their glitzy May presentations for their prime-time schedules. Should the strike, which began Nov. 5, continue past late January, it will eat into the networks’ development season, where they devise comedy and drama pilots to show to advertisers. It may be in many networks’ interest to highlight media properties other than traditional TV programs.

I’m not ready to commit to the stance that the writers strike will boost up the digital OOH market in any significant way, but it’s certainly a integral variable to track.

Exactly a year ago this week, Outdoor Advertising Association of America’s Stephen Freitas predicted that 2007 would be the “tipping point” for out-of-home digital signage…

Was he right?

If not, will the writers strike be the final “tippage-inducer”? (Wow, there’s gotta be a better word for that…)

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