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Here’s a quick Twitter screengrab I took right after the McCain announcement this morning (they were coming in hundreds per minute on my feed):

Clearly the Palin pick is off-the-charts in terms of tweet potential.

Want to put those tweets in context? Take a peek at Loca’s new PoliChat app! (pic in post below)

And if you’ll be at the RNC this weekend, make sure to look for Wiffiti at the Outburst Forum!


You’ll pull up tweet after tweet after tweet…
About Sarah Palin.
(Hey, figured I’d put a Mahalo link in there to kowtow to Jason Calacanis while I’m at it.)

This sure makes things iiiinteresting

Shoot your Wiffiti thoughts to our new PoliChat app here in the office! Just click on the link to pull up the screen in your browser and participate remotely.

It’s live on the loca site as well!


Next Wednesday, I’m psyched to attend Harvard’s Berkman Center Youth and Civic Engagement Forum, part of their ongoing series of events discussing Digital Natives. This forum will broadly focus on how young people use digital technologies in their daily lives; more specifically, it will explore how engaging with such technologies can bring about meaningful change. [more after the jump]

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To bring you this nugget from Diggnation’s Kevin Rose:

I don’t care what it is, when it has an LCD screen, it makes it better.

The man has a point.

Speaking of Digg, our announcement that Wiffiti will be at the DNC and the RNC went out this morning (nudge, nudge). We’ll be in St.Paul for the RNC this Sunday!
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Hey, digital signage industry folks…

Um, check this out for the ultimate OH CRAP moment:

Yeeaaa, that would be the opening ceremonies of the Olympics… where I hear there’s a pretty decent sized audience.
Get the guy who was managing that feed a tissue. Or… uh, a new job?

Pic via Gizmodo.