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The snow is all kinds of serious here in Cambridge, but what better time to cozy up with a latte and some Nielson numbers? Hey, It’s New Year’s Eve, let’s get crazy…

Upon reading The Television-Internet Connection yesterday (a Time article from ’07 that is still particularly relevant), I was struck by the stat that 37% of the U.S. population over the age of 12 use their computers while watching television at home (Solutions Research Group). Because LocaModa focuses on building products that are cross-channel (i.e. work on out-of-home signage, web, mobile), it’s not surprising that such a significant chunk of the population is already habitually multitasking their “screen viewership,” yet it is a bit surprising that it’s happening so quickly.

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Best holiday wishes from the team at LocaModa (aboard the Boston Party Trolley)!

Much thanks to Ben for the great pics…

And we remind you… in your holiday downtime:

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Mobile Monday Boston recently sponsored a dinner for CTOs of major mobile-based companies in the Boston area. Check out the MoMo CTO Dinner Video Recap for a quick hollah from LocaModa’s CTO, Steve An.

The dinner was sponsored by Flybridge Capital and moderated by Wade Roush of Xconomy (who has always been a loyal supporter of LocaModa… Thanks, Wade!)

Steve looks pretty darn psyched about the mobile climate in Boston, eh?


For all of you Jumbli in Facebook players, now you can jump over to the app with even less effort. Facebook has brought back their “recently played applications” menu, which can be pulled up via the apps tab on the bottom left of your profile page.

Thanks to Mashable for the heads-up.


Although “mobile location-based services” carries with it an overly broad definition and a crazy boatload of ancillary concepts, the basic construct can be whittled down to a place-based technology solution accessed via mobile. From FireEagle to Whrrl, the harmony changes a bit, yet the melody remains constant: connecting people where they go… when they’re on the go.

Although LocaModa reaches far further than a straight-up mobile LBS (in that we connect consumers synchronously through the web, mobile, DOOH locations, and social networks like Facebook), our core solution can be (at least loosely) aligned with the aforementioned model.

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