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LocaModa’s typical work involves enabling channel partners’ place-based social media apps (for example the Sports Bites application for Zoom Marketing and Media and the NYTimesToday.com Twitter application for RMG) and building fully integrated advertising campaigns for brands such as AT&T, Vans, Verizon etc.

But we also have a self-serve business over at www.wiffiti.com (soon to be renamed to fall under the LocaModa brand). The site’s primary purpose is to help end-users build and spread simple place-based social media apps. And it also gives us insights into how people are using our platform.

The result? Today the site clocked its 45,000th application, with over 50 apps built by midday today! A surprising number of the applications have been built by teachers seeking a more direct and fun way to connect to their students (see this Web 2.0 EDU blog post on “5 Way To Teach With Wiffiti In The Classroom”).

Some screens have been used in churches for similar reasons – audiences of all types clearly want to connect. The site also helps professional users “try before they buy” (that’s the “freemium” business model) for use at conferences (here’s an example from the Mashable Media Summit), events, concerts and a even stand-up comedian!

Self-serve equates to roughly 10% of our business. There will always be a requirement for custom applications and professional services for larger DOOH networks and campaigns, but we have to wonder if that percentage is indicative of the wider DOOH opportunity.


I tweeted today about a Wiffiti screen being used to collect prayers. You can see the screen here.

Prayers are being texted (send @wif40815 to 87884), tweeted (send a tweet using the hashtag #real faith) or typed online at Wiffiti.com (or any site that chooses to embed the screen). Of course the same Wiffiti screen can also be displayed in churches and communities to foster greater connectivity.

We allow “Teachers and Preachers” to have a free version of Wiffiti, and it’s been interesting to note that over 40,000 screens have been created.

When we first created Wiffiti, we thought of it like a digital Wailing Wall so it’s good to see that vision being embraced. What can we learn from this? Across the board, traditional walls (pun intended) are coming down. Teachers and preachers have lost the battle to get their audiences to turn their phones off. They really want to connect, so they have to use the tools their students and configurations are using.

I’m just amazed that social and mobile technology is being embraced in schools and churches and is still feared by many brands and agencies. Maybe those wayward media folks need a little more faith (another pun intended) in technology?


LocaModa screen at GameOn, Boston

A potential advantage of DOOH is that it’s ideally placed to sell itself. It’s a medium that is in the faces of millions of people every month. That’s what we sell. So I was delighted to hear what happened last week with one of our applications.

Cue flashback effects……

The story starts 3 months ago at Jerry Remy’s Sports Bar, adjacent to Fenway, home of the RedSox (I have to mention that as not everyone is as familiar or fanatical about baseball as this town is).

Remy’s met with RocketFarm, a local iPhone developer to discuss applications that could help help engage customers. RocketFarm work with LocaModa (they developed an iPhone version of our Jumbli app) and showed Remy’s our applications. Remy’s wanted a LocaModa screen at their venue, so we helped get a social media loop running on their system. The Remy’s screen features real time tweets mentioning Remy’s, RedSox, and also displays FourSquare checkins and mayor info.

Less than a month later, GameOn, a bar actually in historic Fenway and just a few blocks from Remy’s, contacted LocaModa to get their own dedicated social media screen. Once again, we were happy to oblige.

The Remy’s screen today has over 1,700 check ins and Game On has over 2,500 check ins. Both bars get heavy Twitter and mobile engagement – especially when the Sox are playing.

Fast forward to last week…

A Best Buy manager walks into Game On and loves the LocaModa screen. He starts to think about how it can help engage his customers. He goes to Wiffiti.com and creates a free screen to experiment with and soon he has five screens running on three floors at Best Buy. Now the manager at the local Best Buy is talking about LocaModa applications to other regional stores and invites LocaModa to meet the larger group of managers.

To be conintued…


Here are a couple of pics from West Virginia University’s Student welcome yesterday. 4,500 students attended with over 1,200 text messages and 150 Twitter messages sent to the giant Jumbotrons and two displays mounted on either side of the stage, all powered by LocaModa. The whole event was being moderated in real time on an iPad using the LocaModa TJ tool.

LocaModa at WVU

LocaModa's Text Jocky moderation tool being used at WVU


Picture 8We receive hundreds of emails asking about customizing your Wiffiti ‘loca’…

Before I go any further, let’s spin back a bit – What’s a loca?
A ‘loca’ is our standard routing system that allows your text message to go to a specific Wiffiti screen.

For example, if you’d like to text the world your thoughts on Rock Band, and you happen to find the screen below enchanting, you would send a message to 87884 (this is our shortcode, which you would treat just like any other phone number) in the form:

@rockcat I’ve become Paul McCartney in my livingroom wearing my jammies!
In this case, @rockcat is the loca. If you use Twitter, Facebook, or any of a list of other social services (especially those in the location-based arena), this convention should seem pretty standard.

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On Wiffiti.com, screens are assigned a default loca (e.g. @wif5467). If you’d like a custom loca (e.g. @mrjones for a classroom screen), we’re happy to offer a Self-Managed Apps Program that will allow you a custom loca (and lots of other advanced features) at a deep discount from our standard commercial offerings.
Just contact us if you’d like to get involved!