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I tweeted today about a Wiffiti screen being used to collect prayers. You can see the screen here.

Prayers are being texted (send @wif40815 to 87884), tweeted (send a tweet using the hashtag #real faith) or typed online at Wiffiti.com (or any site that chooses to embed the screen). Of course the same Wiffiti screen can also be displayed in churches and communities to foster greater connectivity.

We allow “Teachers and Preachers” to have a free version of Wiffiti, and it’s been interesting to note that over 40,000 screens have been created.

When we first created Wiffiti, we thought of it like a digital Wailing Wall so it’s good to see that vision being embraced. What can we learn from this? Across the board, traditional walls (pun intended) are coming down. Teachers and preachers have lost the battle to get their audiences to turn their phones off. They really want to connect, so they have to use the tools their students and configurations are using.

I’m just amazed that social and mobile technology is being embraced in schools and churches and is still feared by many brands and agencies. Maybe those wayward media folks need a little more faith (another pun intended) in technology?

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  1. Dino246 Says:

    Amen brother!

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