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This year marked my first Boston Marathon.

It also marked my first experience with AT&T’s Athlete Alert System, which gave each runner the option of entering the mobile numbers up to three friends or family members who would receive text alerts at the 10K, half-marathon, 30K, and finish.

Sounds excellent, si?

Except that it didn’t work. At least not well.

My mom received one text alerting her that I had passed the 10K mark… over an hour after I had passed it. She also received a text saying that I had finished, which was symbolically pretty nice, but it was little help in actually getting to the finish line in time to see me cross. My other two alertees never received anything.

AT&T promoted the fact that the alerts worked on any network, but I suppose it’s unsurprising that my mom is on AT&T, and the other two are on Verizon.

With over 25,000 runners with three peeps a piece, that’s no small text messaging campaign; regardless, 2 out of 10 messages delivered are some disappointing numbers.

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I’ve been poking around for a tag cloud widget to toss in my sidebar for a while now, and finally found one with a quick and easy set-up and a smooth config into WordPress. Hello, Quintura!

They’re still in beta, but everything seems to be working well thus far. It’s not the slickest site ever, but it works seamlessly and delivers what it promises. Try out the search feature in The Web Outside cloud… There seems to be an intermittent bug which truncates the search field to one character, but a page refresh typically squashes it. No complaints for a beta. Thanks, guys.

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Thanks to Read/Write/Web, I found a cool new tool today called Trendpedia. Although it’s engaging enough just to play around with using brand names, authors, political candidates, whatever… I chose to compare digital signage and cell phones (I know… so entirely predictable).

Trendpedia is well done as it stands, but I’d love to see a function that allows me to explore points over overlap… The “blogospheric intersection,” if you will… (no? ok.) Otherwise, it’s pretty much just a nicely packaged Zeitgeist app (which, don’t get me wrong, is still extremely cool).

From the chart, it looks like digital signage could stand a bloggy boost from cell phones… Although this clearly must be taken in a broad sense (I promise that I won’t try to spew “mobile interactivity” all over a simple pie chart), it’s a nice visual conclusion that I certainly won’t argue with.

Check out the goods:

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On the heels of another exciting partnership last week, LocaModa has joined forces with SeeSaw’s extensive out-of-home network to allow patrons to use their mobile phones to interact with digital screens in places like bars and coffee shops and have those interactions posted (in real time) to social networking sites like Facebook.

If you’re at ad:tech San Fran today, be sure to check out the demos for yourself in SeeSaw’s booth (#5679). If you’re web-bound, check out the screenshots of Zepp’s Bar below. The first screenshot shows part of an animated loop as displayed on a large OOH digital sign in a bar. The second image shows the interactions as they are fed directly (with patron opt-in) into Facebook (with Twitter integration soon to come).

A conversation in your favorite bar can now turn into an interactive online experience (and vice versa), pulling in your social graph with a simple, standard SMS.

read full release

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That’s right… Fonzie and Facebook are about to cross paths… well, conceptually, at least.

LocaModa has teamed up with TouchTunes to connect over 30,000 jukeboxes to online social networks. Patrons can use their mobile phones to interact with flat panel screens driven by the TouchTunes jukebox’s media server. Applications will feature relevant, fun content such as information about the music playing on the jukebox, user generated content and even patron photos via their social network profiles. All interactions can also be displayed as data feeds on social networks. Online users will be able to view and participate in the activity at their favorite locations, for example: they can see who has “fanned” the location, who is actually there, what music is currently playing, and they can even “gift” songs to friends at that location.

We’re excited to give consumers new control over their media experiences, both in venues and on the web.

Nostalgia, meet New Media; New Media, meet Nostalgia. A match made in entertainment heaven…

You can read the full release here.

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Illustration property of LocaModa.