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That’s right… Fonzie and Facebook are about to cross paths… well, conceptually, at least.

LocaModa has teamed up with TouchTunes to connect over 30,000 jukeboxes to online social networks. Patrons can use their mobile phones to interact with flat panel screens driven by the TouchTunes jukebox’s media server. Applications will feature relevant, fun content such as information about the music playing on the jukebox, user generated content and even patron photos via their social network profiles. All interactions can also be displayed as data feeds on social networks. Online users will be able to view and participate in the activity at their favorite locations, for example: they can see who has “fanned” the location, who is actually there, what music is currently playing, and they can even “gift” songs to friends at that location.

We’re excited to give consumers new control over their media experiences, both in venues and on the web.

Nostalgia, meet New Media; New Media, meet Nostalgia. A match made in entertainment heaven…

You can read the full release here.

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6 Responses to “The Social Jukebox is Born!”

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  2. james Says:


    This doesn’t really contribute to sociability…. just contributes to voyeurism. If theres a touchscreen jukebox there.. just touch the screen. The connection between the mobile and the Internet screens is only worth it if there is a barrier stopping interactivity in the first place.

    And the whole gifting songs scenario thing would be kinda weird. If you could drag user info from someones facebook…… and give them an advert relevant to where they are standing I would be impressed. Say they used the system in a bar…. and you knew their demographic…….. you could advertise a drink in that bar to them right there and then. I suppose it makes previously anonymous patrons quite addressable at the point of sale.

    People might freak out a bit though if they realized.

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  5. Dave Schmidt Says:

    Playing your favorite songs when you’re out at a bar is an inherently social activity — you and your friends are talking about and choosing music genres and selections on the jukebox (the original social network dynamic). Now add access to mobile marketing and new music information…even the chance to participate in promotions like trivia contests, design your own car, pick your favorite drink, get text message updates or find out where the closest fast food chain is…. this is social networking…community building in “Real Space” rather than just a virtual “MySpace.” Think of it as Juke 2.0 and companies like Ecast, TouchTunes and others are leveraging this familiar platform to bring new and innovative ideas to people outside of the home every day.

  6. james Says:

    What’s the point in advertising music? people don’t pay for it nowadays anyway…most money for that is tied up in concerts. The music itself is just a marketing campaign. And advertising cars and other irrelevant products in a bar is a waste. Jukeboxes barely ever play new music… people choose a few old favorites and spend a few dollars at most usually on songs they’ve already thought of.

    In most bars…. there are limited drinks…. you’re not gonna find pepsi and coke in the same bar. So that decision has already been whittled down to a few…so I can’t see brands spending more unnecessary cash.

    Also you run the risk of associating products with things that people may not like – linking a brand with music they might hate. Its quite hard to match the marketing here to make it effective.

    Plus the mobile interactivity is unnecessary when you have a touchscreen. The cell number I suppose is just an ID badge if you’ve opted in…. but text messaging isn’t free…it will cost money just to browse. If there was something stopping traditional touchscreen interactivity, then the mobile stuff might be cool…. but there isn’t.

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