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Wiffiti‘s touring the country along with Disney star Demi Lovato this summer! Here’s some photos and a LIVE video from the Demi Lovato and David Archuleta concert at the Agganis Arena, Boston, June 2009. Look at how much the kids in the video love the interactivity :) Thousands of txts and photos were sent to the screen – they’re prolific, these tweens!

Wiffiti Live!
Don’t those projected screens look amazing?

Wiffiti Live!
Imagine seeing a photo of yourself at your favorite concert. Exhilarating.

Wiffiti Live!
Check out the size of the venue! It’s HUGE.

Wiffiti photo stage
Wiffiti at the photo stage, giving fans something to do while they wait in line.


Wiffiti at State of Innovation Summit

A group of influential CTOs, heads of research & development and innovation managers got together last night at the Newseum in Washington D.C. for the State of Innovation Summit. Organized by The Council on Competitiveness and Seed Magazine, the one-day summit examined how science, business and technology can be used to spark innovation.

It seems only fitting that they used our Wiffiti platform to share ideas and spark conversations. Thanks for sharing the photo on Twitpic so we could find you!

Photo credit: @soulellis


Texting is on the rise. We’ve embraced that fact. We know texting is here to stay. It’s shaping the way we communicate, pay bills, reach target audiences, and, well, simply live. The speed at which it entered our lives is pretty fascinating.

Just this week, we read headlines about the 13 year old who racked up 14,528 text messages in one month (that’s 484 messages a day!), and now it seems that LG’s US National Texting Championships may be the next national spelling bee!

KateMoore The championship finals were held this week in New York and the winning prize was $50,000. 15 year Kate Moore walked away with the trophy and the prize money this year, after competing against 20 other finalists in New York these last few days. The competition required them to text a modified chorus from Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah while doing crazy tasks like jumping obstacles on a treadmill and while blindfolded. The championship started out as a PR campaign for LG in 2007, and this is its third year in action.

It would’ve been spectacular to have the contestants text Wiffiti and have a screen that displayed the results in the studio. That way everybody would get to see how fast and accurate the contestants really were. Maybe next year. :)

(via WSJ)


This last couple of weeks has seen quite a lot of Jumbli love. First we get verified on Facebook and the number of Jumbli users leaps to insane levels. Then, just yesterday, Jumbli saw its millionth word play… we cheered! And now, Jumbli is available as an iPhone app!

We’re truly achieving our goal of integrating the web (Facebook & Jumbli.tv) with the great outdoors (Times Square) and the world of mobile (SMS and now the iPhone). Ladies and gentleman, you’re witnessing the convergence of the online and offline worlds. Take a minute to prepare yourself. And go download the Jumbli iPhone app!

Read our press release.

PHOTO CREDIT: @HighHolburn our awesome creative genuis/flash whiz/ artist-in-residence


Our Webby Award for use of Wiffiti in the Obama Minute campaign just came in this week. Ain’t she a beauty?

Let’s take a walk down Webby history. The first Webbys were awarded back in 1994, and since 1996 have been awarded by the International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences. Every year, awards are given out to honor excellence on the internet. Previous winners include Craigslist, Google, Skype, MySpace, You Tube and Twitter — to name a few. See a pattern here?

We’re going to re-shape the way the world communicates. Just saying :)