Looking for something?

This is a squid.


And this is a Digital Signage Squidoo.

Somewhat similar… but with less cartilage, and more helpful links. Now if only these resources came with a side of calamari…

Anyone use Squidoo on a regular basis? I’ve happened upon it through random blog posts now and again, but have trouble making it a habit. I’m signing up for this particular feed today, so let’s hope my iGoogle can help keep it top of mind– seems like it could be a great resource if it’s updated with decent frequency.

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2 Responses to “Digital Signage Squid(oo)”

  1. LisaJ Says:

    I have had one for a few months. I like the little squidoo logo, but haven’t had time to update my page because I own a digital signage forum. It is cool but there are getting to be so many social network places that I do not know about you but it is getting hard for me to keep up with them and I think the “make your lens thing sounds funny” I laugh everytime I get an email to do that.

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