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We noticed a sign this afternoon on our favorite coffee and ice cream haven, Toscanini’s in Central Square, noting that it was “Seized” for not paying taxes. Bostonist seems to have been first on the scene.

Lucky for us, we have plenty of Tosci’s goods in our freezer here at LocaModa (including fan fave “Fat Elvis”– banana-chocolate peanut butter cup. But unlucky for us, we’re going to run low within days (okay, maybe hours) if they don’t reopen soon. In support of our good friends down the road, please send your rally messages to our Save Tosci Wiffiti screen!

[That would be Loca CEO Stephen Randall and CTO Steve An enjoying some Tosci's burnt caramel ice cream on top of their espressos. Cheers!]

*Update* (1.20.08): Sam from Tosci’s has clued me in to the newly-created Save Tosci site… Head on over for ways to help out!

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2 Responses to “Save Tosci’s! *Updated*”

  1. anonymous Says:

    put out the tin can, let’s start collecting 167K

  2. Cantabridgian Says:

    SAVE TOSCI?? Are you kidding me? Why should we save a businessman who has screwed the government, his employees, his customers, and his community? There is no excuse for this guy not paying taxes.

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