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Because I don’t think it received nearly the attention it deserved the first time I posted about it, I wanted to pay heed to an original white paper by LocaModa Senior Systems Architect, Jacob Elder, entitled Twitter on Place Based Screens: Why It’s Not So Simple.

With the rise of place-based social media and new digital signage networks popping up everywhere, Jacob’s paper explains the complexities of real-time content display and the operational baggage that comes with it. For venues looking to integrate social media into their digital display network, it’s a must read.

Download the free full pdf version.

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One Response to “Best Practices for Twitter on Place-Based Screens”

  1. Christian Madden Says:

    Nice paper, really interesting stuff. We’ve run into a lot of the same issues with the Twitter API, but haven’t had to deal with the additional layer of complexity that the DOOH setting introduces.

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