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Are you planning to use Wiffiti at an event, in your classroom or at a church?

In addition to pulling in real-time content to Wiffiti via tags (i.e. topics, keywords), you may want to try using hashtag“hashtags (a specific keyword used across social networks) for a richer experience. Here are a few tips:

- Create the screen using an easy to remember hashtag (to pull in tweets and Flickr messages). View it in full screen mode.

- Tell your audience what it is – it also helps to display the hashtag somewhere prominent.

- Make sure your screen has two tags, one with the “#” symbol and one without. (If the hashtag is #c299, the twitter search won’t pick up cs299 and vice versa.)
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Hi! My name’s Nidhi, and I’m LocaModa’s new (awesome) intern. I came here after studying Marketing at Emerson College in Boston. I’m helping out with social media stuff, ad sales, brainstorming and surprisingly no coffee runs yet! I’m also the youngest person here.

Loca is a great place to start my career. Everyone on the web is busy talking about how social media is instrumental to any ad campaign and how traditional media isn’t the most effective way to reach consumers anymore. But at Loca, we’re actually doing something about it. We’re integrating digital OOH with mobile technology and the web. It’s revolutionary. And exciting to be a part of!

I’ll be helping Jayne update The Web Outside. Stay tuned for posts on digital signage from the perspective of a digital native.

You can also find me @TheWebOutside


and between cool and ridiculous:

Sure, we get a fair share of love proclamations and even marriage proposals via Wiffiti, but this is well…
Half awesome and half…
Okay, it may just be awesome.

(Thanks to Trendwatching and designer Jana Brevick for this one… They’re now sold out!)


Because we have a 1:1 ratio of iPhones to employees in the LocaModa office, most conference calls involve a cacophony of static and beeps when the devices belly up to the table with the Polycom speaker phone.

Clearly, iPhones don’t like to sit next to other phones; it makes them jittery.

Yesterday, thanks to a Steve Woodruff tweet, I learned a neat trick: Place your iPhone on top of a piece of tinfoil, and it eliminates all interference!

It actually works!

As an alternate solution, I suppose we could all tuck our phones underneath our tin foil helmets like in Signs…

(By the way, check out this fascinating study on the efficacy of tin foil helmets from a few good folks at the MIT Media Lab. I also must credit them with this terrific image below.)


Thanks to Kate from Skyhook Wireless for sending this great pic of the Boston office hovered around a computer to play with Wiffiti!

You guys need an office projector :)