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At A Crossroads On The DOOH Slope Of Enlightenment

In my post about the DOOH Slope Of Enlightenment, I deliberately did not include the above picture, hoping to show it at next week’s DS Investor Conference. But my panel is opting for a Q&A style session, so I have some nice slides to use elsewhere – so here ya go…

I’d like to get feedback on where you think DOOH is on the Hype Cycle of Emerging Technology. I believe DOOH is at a crossroads, so I placed my marker near the end of the Shakeout Phase.

During the Fool’s Gold and Shakeout periods it looks like we’re all on the same track, but of course we are not. Many companies are heading southeast without knowledge of the northeast track. I think there are some critical strategies for DOOH companies to employ to get on the right track and I’m sure to be speaking to that point at the DS Investors conference. Hope to see you there.

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