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Brighton’s 30×45-ft. LED screen welcomes suburbanites into the city with a new “digital mural” each day, clearly viewable from a mile and a half stretch of the Mass Pike. The WGBH-owned screen displays a high-res “Picture of the Day” representing current programming on the station from 6:30am to 7pm; nighttime commuters will see a sky view of Boston from the west. TV viewers and web visitors are encouraged to submit ideas for images, and final choices are voted upon via online poll.

As an integrated part of their new office building, the design is understated enough as not to be visually jarring (i.e. cause traffic accidents), yet bold enough to attract eyeballs. Certainly nice model to start building upon…

Thanks to Stephen (and his iPhone) for taking the photo on his way into the office. Has anyone else seen this in person? What do you think– effective?

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  1. WGBH Truth Says:

    check out this site if you want to know what this sign costs to operate.

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