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As a follow-up to my recent posts about Ethos Roundtable and the Berkman Center, I wanted to reintroduce MobileActive.org, another group that I’ve blogged about a few times in the past. (They continue to take on more and more ambitious and inspiring projects every time I check back with them!)

Not only are they a great resource for global mobile news and statistics, but their blog (written mainly by Katrin Verclas) brings together a well-informed community of activists in the tech space. I had the pleasure of meeting Katrin a couple years ago when I attended the NTEN Conference for the first time, and her passion for mobile/social advocacy proves why she’s an emerging thought-leader in the space. I urge you to check out their blog and website and get involved.

I noticed this morning that MobileActive08 will be held in Johannesburg, South Africa this fall… and there’s a call for proposals going on now! (I can’t say I’m not seriously considering it…)

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2 Responses to “More on Mobile Social Advocacy”

  1. Katrin Says:

    Jayne — I would love for you to come! Can we chat? And thanks for the gracious and wonderful write-up for MobileActive.org, that was very very nice of you! We are trying to figure out interactive ways for the audience to see the power of mobiles so we should chat soon. I need to come to Boston in the next few weeks — maybe stop by and visit?

    And thanks again for this lovely plug. I am in South Africa now until end of next week but back in NYC and Mass after that. Looking forward to reconnecting!

    All the best, Katrin

  2. LocaJayne Says:

    katrin– glad you found the post! I’ll drop you a line when you’re back in the area. talk soon, and enjoy the rest of your trip!

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