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It started downpouring in Cambridge yesterday around 3:45pm, which was stellar timing for me to get soaked while I headed over to the Ethos Roundtable at the Charles Hotel.

Was it worth it?  Totally.

We had the pleasure of listening to Greg McHale from good2gether give a quick rundown (srsly… quick – he speaks pretty darn close to the speed of light) of his new nonprofit-focused web platform. In short, it’s a “socially-responsible” online ad platform that allows nonprofits to enter their information (events, volunteer opps, etc) for free, and this information is then served via major news sites (boston.com launched yesterday) by way of branded, content-integrated links.  Wait… know who does a better job of explaining it than me?  Greg.  In any case, I was absolutely blown away by the elegance of their solution, particularly at this relatively early stage in product development.   I can’t wait to see how they grow and evolve as they move forward with a national rollout.

Afterwards, some of us moved down the hall to the Boston 501 Tech Club Meeting that had just kicked off.  Laurel Ackerman from O’Reilly Media was generous enough to provide door prizes (which I won!!!).  Laurel even offered to send me an additional title to supplement the cool stuff in my prize bag.  Excel Hacks, I anxiously await your arrival!

A great night with a seriously packed house… Unfortunately, the only picture I took was of the backs of heads… but can’t you just feel the energy?  No?  Um… well, this is when we were sitting down.  That lone Amstel bottle in the shot signifies the raging party that ensued afterwards :)

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  1. Mark Says:

    Hi, Jayne, found you through Twitter so am following you and also tried to add on LinkedIn. Am responsible for community for MLB Advanced Media (mlb.com) and also run marathons. Kick butt,


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