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When CoolHunting calls something “awe-inspiring,” it’s gotta be pretty nasty; Earthdesk does not disappoint. Check this out– you can add a dynamic snapshot of the Earth, constantly updating, right on your desktop (mac or PC- compatible). It’s completely customizable, so you can focus in on a specific city, on the sun or the moon, or switch around your viewpoint daily. You can see live-updating weather patterns, city lights, and track phases of day around the world. There’s a licensing fee of $23.95 for a single user ($39.95 for 5 licensees), but that price seems fairly reasonable given its current buzzfactor. I’d love to see a free trial option to get a better feel for it before committing… I have a suspicion it’s even cooler than it looks (which, incidentally, is similar to the suspicion most people have about me).

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2 Responses to “Best. Desktop. Ever.”

  1. Gaz Says:

    Ack. But the evaluation version is sooo ugly!

  2. Henry Says:

    Even the eval version looks great – I mean you have to look past the text and see the map…. and it is easy and quick to just buy a license.

    Like Jayne, EarthDesk is even cooler that it looks. :-)

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