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I was excited to receive an email last night letting me know that a limited number of Chumbys were available for purchase, and I should pony up and get one.

You say: Chumby whaaa?

I say: A Chumby can best be described as a device that looks like an alarm clock and behaves like a laptop. Chumby displays your custom widget loop on its 3.5″ color LCD screen, all the while decked out in some slick leather casing.

Awesome, right? Well, almost.

I was all set to blog about the Chumby as a neat new tool to carry forth the message of the web outside, until I learned…


*sigh* We still purchased one to play with in the office, but man… so close to so cool. I understand the rationale (a battery can’t power an LCD–even a teeny one–for very long), it’s just really hard for me to get excited about something with a cord.

Being tethered is so 1985.

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One Response to “Chumby Can’t Survive in the Web Outside”

  1. G Says:

    Hack it, make it portable.
    I got my chumby last week.
    It draws very little power, and could easily be set up to have an internal rechargeable Li ion battery.
    That is one of the points of this cool little device, you can leave it as is, or hack it to your hearts content.

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