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I was lured in by Dan Ariely’s keynote, but the highlight of the conference turned out to be finally meeting some of my favorite Tweeters and Bloggers in person.

To name a few:

Chris Brogan. I’ve been told by many’a blogger that Chris is someone I should meet (and now I agree). When I congratulated Chris on a great break-out session, he responded with “Usually, when I speak, people walk away saying, ‘wow, that Chris Brogan guy, he’s nice…’ Not ‘he knows his stuff,’ but more ‘hmm…he seems friendly’.” Chris, I can personally vouch for the fact that you also clearly know your stuff.

And also that you’re nice.

Ann Handley: She’s even friendlier and more welcoming than she seems on her blog(s). And she even introduced me to…

Scott Monty from Crayon: I’d love to team up with the Crayonville folks up for a podcast. You know, relive the old BAMCast days… Yea? Yea!

Anyone missing? Mack and Paul, you’re still on my list.

And as for Dan Ariely’s keynote? Fantastic. I finished Predictably Irrational a few weeks prior to the conference (and highly, highly recommend it), but Ariely pleasantly surprised me with his engaging speaking style and great sense of humor. If you read Freakonomics and liked it, you’ll love this. Alternately, if you’re a social media nerd, you’ll find it fascinating. And it was even better when paired with chicken and risotto at the luncheon…

Thanks, MarketingProfs for a wonderful Boston event!

Photo Cred of Dan and Ann

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4 Responses to “MarketingProfs B2B Forum Wrap-Up”

  1. Ann Handley Says:

    Hey Jayne — Great to meet you! Wish we could have spent at least a little more time talking… it was a bit of a crazy few days for me, but I’d love to get together at some point soon. I agree on Ariely, by the way. He was not only engaging as a speaker but very down to earth and easy to talk to as a person.

    Thanks for stopping by….

  2. Chris Brogan... Says:

    Hi super-Jayne! So glad you summed up that moment. I was really happy to talk with you a bit, and I’m looking forward to the next time we hang out. : )

  3. Scott Monty Says:

    Jayne – great meeting you too! I wish we had longer to talk. But let’s see if we can make that podcast thing happen – at least on Jaffe Juice, until we get crayonCast back up and running.

  4. LocaJayne Says:

    ann, we’ll definitely have to meet up for a longer time soon! there’s no excuse… you’re so close by.

    chris, hope i didn’t muck up that recapitulation too badly :)

    scott… i’ll start juicing up my podcastig muscles… they’re likely atrophied by now…

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