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LocaModa Ninjas

Bill Nast, LocaModa VP Business Development and I have just returned to Boston from a week in Japan, and brought home some headbands for the team. The meanings of the symbols we’re wearing are Success, Victory, Ninja, Number One and Coming Happiness.


I came across this amazing excerpt this morning on Smart Mobs, which quite elegantly sums up the integrated, convergent vision of LocaModa and The New Media Triad.

The passage, taken from a longer work by Teemu Arina, explores How Mobile is Changing Our Society:

I have a feeling that the question we pose today is wrong. It’s not about mobile anymore. For some people, mobile means the devices that we carry around as we move, usually hooked up to a cellular network. The truth is, the activities we go through online with computers and what we do with our “mobiles” cannot be seen as separate anymore. This convergence means our language needs to change or our culture will never understand its future. . .

The mobile is like the horse wagon. If Henry Ford had asked people what they wanted, they would have said “faster horses.” It’s the language and our experience of the past that limits our understanding of the future of “mobile.”

Arina’s Mobile Monday Amsterdam event sold out its 400-seat capacity in 2 hours.

I’m not surprised.

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Elliot: He’s a man from outer space and we’re taking him to his spaceship.

Greg: Well, can’t he just beam up?

Elliot: This is REALITY, Greg.

Today, this “REALITY” got a little weird. Even from E.T.’s vantage point.

Social networking site Bebo (much like Facebook and decently popular among European teens) beamed out a message to the planet Gliese 581C, in hopes of contacting human life. The message was a binary-encoded signal containing personal messages from 501 Bebo users. The most popular messages from a huge pool of Bebo submissions were selected to make the voyage.

The signal is scheduled to reach Gliese 581C (catchy name, eh?) sometime in 2029.
Um… Mark your calendars?

Outerspace lag time notwithstanding, I’m pretty impressed by the endeavor. I mean, I talk about the web outside…. But this is taking things to a whole ‘nother level…


Mobile Monday Boston put on a fantastic event last night and hosted an amazing panel of Boston’s most successful mobile experts. The lecture hall was filled to the brim, and the discussion could have gone on for at least another hour.

LocaModa‘s CEO Stephen Randall and Enpocket Founder (and current Global Director of Mobile Brand Strategy for Nokia) Jeremy Wright found quick cadence doling out keen industry insight in dueling British accents, while VoiceSignal’s Founder and CEO Dan Roth was not only hilarious, but gave some very sage advice to aspiring entrepreneurs.

The panelists discussed the challenges of entrepreneurship in general, and segued into a more targeted conversation about the mobile industry in particular. Referred to as the “Godfathers” of the mobile world in Boston, the panel built off each other’s advice well, and gave their honest views of the constantly shape-shifting industry. It was wonderful to see such a great turnout of students, newly-minted MBAs, business professionals, and mobile strategists in the audience.

I couldn’t help myself but add captions to this panel photo, as it was pretty lame without a backdrop of any kind. But no, Stephen and Jeremy did not dwell upon their mutual love of London, and Dan may or may not have been thinking about cats… I promise this is completely in jest :)

Thanks also to sponsors BU Entrepreneurs and Common Angels!


Thanks to Kate from Skyhook Wireless for sending this great pic of the Boston office hovered around a computer to play with Wiffiti!

You guys need an office projector :)