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Thanks to Read/WriteWeb for linking to Tim Berners-Lee’s post about the “Giant Global Graph,” a broader take on the trendy-yet-weighty “Social Graph” concept, and how it relates to OpenSocial. It’s great to see the “Father of the World Wide Web” talking about OpenSocial, as he’s tended to shy away from most Web 2.0 Topics Du Jour over the past few years. Perhaps the “GGG” will become the semantically-powered iteration of the “WWW.”

In a nutshell, Berners-Lee breaks down the evolution of computer networks into three stages:

1. The Net: connects computers

2. The Web: connects documents

3. The Graph: connects people and documents (thus forming relationships)

Berners-Lee goes on to cite the implications of the Social Graph on the Mobile Web, noting that the content itself will soon trump webpages as the primary module, thus making “the network and the devices tertiary.”

That said, I have an addition to his list:

4. The Web Outside: connects people, documents, and locations (thus forming relationships linked to –yet not contigent upon– real world nodes).

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