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A brief introduction: Hi there. I’m Gabi Schaffzin, Director, Creative Development at LocaModa. I’ll be posting alongside LocaJayne on The Web Outside. Feel free to bug me with questions or comments about anything; I’ll gladly talk digital, creative, dooh, sports, food, movies. Whatever you’d like.

Enough of about me, though:

Now that the highly touted Arbitron Out-of-Home Digital Video Display Study has been out for over a week, we here at LocaModa thought it was about time to chime in.

If you haven’t seen it yet, the aforementioned study can be found, free, online [pdf link]. It gives a great overview of the number of American adults who recall seeing a digital out of home display in the last month (spoiler alert: 67%, or more than 155 million). While these figures have lead to an overwhelmingly positive industry-wide reaction (and deservedly so), we think it’s time to start asking some harder questions. Bill Gerba begins to scratch the surface when he notes that this study will not “put to rest any lingering doubts over our medium’s viability as a communication channel.”

Over 155 million seeing your screen is great. But do they see your content? Do you even know who is seeing it and when? And if so, do they find it relevant? Neither a large study, nor a recorded stream of viewers looking at your screen could provide this level of granular insight. Instead, it is making sure your screens are dynamic and interactive that will get you there.

Digital out of home provides us with the greatest mix of television’s attention-grab and the web’s contextual relevance and measurability. We know that. But are we taking advantage of it? Arbitron’s study was a great first step to understanding who may be looking at DOOH screens. As Mr. Gerba puts it, “it’s solid research from a reputable firm.” But it’s up to the networks and content developers to bring the granular – and extremely necessary – analytics to their screens, be it through mobile, physical, or online interactivity.

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    Nice to see you’re writing for the blog Gabi! So proud of you (single tear). Now if only I can get Wiffiti to work in India..

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