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LocaModa Place-Based Social Media Screens At FUJIFILM Imagetec Co. Ltd.

I’m delighted to announce LocaModa’s relationship with FUJIFILM Imagetec Co. Ltd, a subsidiary of FUJIFILM Corporation. The press release can be found here.

I went to Tokyo earlier in the year to understand the potential of the market. Screens in stations, public spaces, stadiums, retail stores and even Karaoke bars are starting to be networked in interesting and innovative ways. Companies that for decades have provided the leading traditional advertising solutions for those spaces are now moving into digital solutions.

The recent success of Twitter in Japan has opened the market up to the power of social media. I commented earlier in the year that Shubuya Station is Foursquare’s busiest location for checkins. When I posted about that here, it had 65k checkins, today, barely 4 weeks later, that number is over 78,000.

Japan has for many years led the world in mobile technology and I have to say, their phones are still way ahead of what we typically see in US. However, the innovative but proprietary iMode framwork for apps and services that was standardized and directed by DoCoMo, Japan’s dominant wireless carrier has been rocked by Apple. The iPhone has almost single-handedley moved many Japanese companies to move to web-based mobile apps as their previous iMode sites look like postage stamps on an iPhone or Android device.

These facts all point to the web re-establishing itself as the backbone for services and media.

Companies such as FUJIFILM Imagetec are adopting web strategies in order to establish themselves as responsive and innovative solutions in the DOOH space. It’s a very exciting time, and we look forward to helping our partners develop leading edge solutions.

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