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Well they do say “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas” and my first impression of Digital Signage Expo 2011 in Vegas was that much of it might have stayed there from previous years’ shows. Row upon row of screens, PCs, mounts, and content that was indistinguishable from the content that we try to avoid in our daily travels. But first impressions don’t always count. This year was different.

Now I have my own lens on things – and admittedly it might be rose-tinted around anything that dares to be related to Web 2.0 rather than TV 1.5, but the difference I noticed wasn’t on the show floor, it was the multiple discussions driven by DOOH sales opportunities dependent on strategic social media and mobile integration.

When a client needs and asks for solutions that connect to their customers you listen if you want to win (or keep) their business. You can’t pay lip service to being a digital solutions company and get away with a passive product that extends marketing only as far as the viewing range of a screen. So this year, I was encouraged to hear leading DOOH companies asking us to help them address their customers’ requirements for integrated social media solutions.

Transitioning a DOOH business from a narrowcasting mindset into a “connected” solutions business (in the Web 2.0 sense), will be challenging for many – but I’m happy to see a more wide spread desire to make that transition.

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2 Responses to “DSE 2011 – First Impressions Don’t Always Count”

  1. Lyle Bunn Says:

    That “lens” of the links between dynamic place-based media and other communications devises served all delegates well.. I too was looking for (and happily found) just that at DSE2011… a tangible maturing of the media in and of itself, but also in its place within the communications continuum to deliver on both mass (high targeted) “reach” as well as “audience of one” goals. DSE2011 was a long way from the industry’s wobbly but inspired steps as seen at the first DSE in 2004!

  2. srandall Says:

    Thanks for the comment Lyle – Hope to connect with you in person at one of these events!

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