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I admit it. I wanted to shake up the audience at last month’s OAAA event at Miami Beach’s swanky Fontentbleu Hotel. My brief was a rerun of my earlier participation at DSE for a “no holds barred” discussion about the truth or BS of social media and DOOH. (See this post).

As a member of the OAAA Innovation Committee, I recommended Marta Kagan as a keynote speaker. Marta is a provocative speaker, well known for her self processed “potty mouth” aka plain speaking. But more to the point, in a world where anyone with a Twitter account can claim to be a social media expert, Marta actually is. Her presentation series “What the F*** is Social Media” has itself been a viral hit with over 1,000,000 views – not bad for a business prezzie.

Considering that the prior week in Miami was overcast, humid and rainy, the afternoon of our panel occurred when the sun finally came out and I expected to be facing empty seats. But thankfully the room filled out and it was certainly good to see many C level people interested in the impact of social media on the out-of-home industry.

Back to the plot…. Marta was presenting the keynote ahead of our panel – so she launched into her latest thesis – that brands approach social media like a 14 year boy approaches sex.

Now, while I’ve been evangelizing the 3Fs of engagement – Fun, Fame and Fortune, Marta of course introduced the 4th F. She warned us, but there it was in full glory in front of an otherwise quite stiff audience (maybe that’s the wrong choice of words). A slide with a young male proclaiming “Lets F***”.

Marta went on to describe brands’ use of social media as naive, crude, blunt and certainly not bed-worthy. In no way is it seductive. Just like a 14 year old boy tactics around sex.

Helpfully, Marta told us what it takes to sleep with a woman. Now that’s value for money, even if we were not interested in social media!

She claims a woman will sleep with you because:

1) You’re beautiful
2) You’re remarkable (you have something meaningful to say AND you listen)
3) You boost her status (she admits that’s shallow – but it’s true) and
4) Because she’s lonely and drunk (she admits it happens sometimes, but that we shouldn’t rely on that for a long term strategy).

So while I make no claims (publicly at least) about my powers of seduction, I do like to think that my understanding of and approach to social media is somewhat more mature than a 14 year old boy’s approach to sex.

Marta promises she’ll put her deck on slideshare soon.

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2 Responses to “Why Brands Approach Social Media Like 14 Year Olds Approach Sex”

  1. Ed Personius Says:

    Wow, way to dangle the bait, but you didn’t set the hook! So brands are clumsy when it comes to social/DOOH—oh, I hadn’t noticed.

    The seduction metaphor is somewhat helpful, but… where’s the beef? What were her answers? I have had similar thoughts and musings without traveling to Florida.

    I’d like to hear how she completed the metaphor and what examples, if any, she cited.

    “Provocative” doesn’t = success, or, put another way, doesn’t = ROI. Let’s hear some boring real-world examples of someone using social with OOH to actually produce some profit.

  2. srandall Says:

    Good point – I also suggested that in future provide Marta examples (which were not given in Florida) but be assured that many exist. There are white papers on our own website http://www.locamoda.com that give some of that info. And, as many have said before (perhaps in the absence of RoI) its not always about RoI – there can be a return on engagement. And again, we have many examples on that front that I’d be happy to point to you.

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