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I’ve written about the #BellLetsTalk one day campaign a couple of times before – but I just watched the showreel for the campaign that colleagues at Monster and Bell put together and was delighted to learn that #BellLetsTalk became a top trending term globally.

I believe that’s a first for Out of Home media.

Everything about the campaign was executed perfectly and end users were motivated to participate because each tweet, call and txt generated 5c towards mental health awareness charities.

Great causes deserve great execution and the great result in this case was that $5.5M was raised in 24 hours.


The stats for the #BellLetsTalk 24 hour campaign are impressive and heartwarming (details of the campaign are here)….

· Original Tweets: 969,993
· 945,554 English Messages
· 24,439 French Messages
· Total Tweets (Including retweets): 3,043,248
· Average of 126,802 messages per hour

Over 100,000,000 txts, calls and tweets were received, each unlocking 5c, raising over $5,000,000 for mental health.


Today (Jan 28th, 2014) in Canada marks the fourth year for Bell Let’s Talk Day, dedicated to increasing awareness, reducing stigma and helping to change behaviours and attitudes about mental health issues.

Monster Media, together with Media Experts and creative agency LG2 launched the #BellLetsTalk campaign over three Canadian OOH networks; Lamar, Pattison, Cogeco in French and English.

Bell is donating 5c for every tweet, phone call, text message and Facebook photo share.

As I write this post at 9.30 am, they have already received over 12 million messages!

Great work team!

UPDATE 1.30PM The total is currently over 35,000,000 messages = over $1.5 million raised.


CIROC and Uber, today turbo charge their new year campaign with the launch an OOH Social campaign using Monster Social (the platform formally known as LocaModa), Twitter and the huge Times Square digital billboard at 1568 Broadway at 47th Street.

Sean Diddy Combs’ Ciroc vodka has teamed up with on-demand transportation app Uber, who will provide discounts for safe rides home on New Year’s Day 2014. Throughout the remainder of 2013, consumers are urged to pledge to #CIROCthenewyear on Facebook and Twitter and make their commitment to never drink and drive.

Tweets with the hashtag #CirocTheNewYear are filtered and age-gated before being displayed in Times Square. For every message CIROC receives with #CirocTheNewYear, Uber will provide new Uber users with a $25 coupon code, up to a maximum total of $1,000,000.

At 12:00pm EST on January 1, 2014 Combs will personally tweet and post a special code for new Uber users to redeem their discount. The rides will then be made available on a first come, first-served basis beginning at 12:00pm on January 1, 2014. Consumers will be able to sign up with their code at Uber.com.

Celebrities have been joining the cause at pledge parties including Sarah Michelle Gellar, Zoe Saldana, Michael Yo, Kevin Frazier, and Thea Andrews and CIROC will also host additional pledge parties throughout December in key markets including New York, Los Angeles, Miami, Atlanta, Washington DC and Chicago.

The campaign runs 24/7 until Jan 1st 2014.


I’m fond of saying that a patent is like a poker hand. You can win a game of poker with a great hand and you can also bluff and win with bad hand, but you can’t win with no hand. So patents, even bad ones, can sometimes generate a win for their owners, even when they are at best dubious.

I received an email this morning regarding the invention and recent granting of a patent for a “cellphone changing an electronic display that contains a barcode”.

I know some folks think I’m opinionated about some things, especially when it comes to the use of QR Codes in DOOH, so it will come as no surprise if I say (again) that:

Putting an oh-too-small QR code on digital signage for oh-too-little time and ooh-too-far-away is a waste of pixels!

Even if a user can draw their phone from their pocket faster than the Lone Ranger AND have a QR Code app ready to launch AND and be close enough to the screen scan the code BEFORE the campaign spot changes, the campaign better deliver something so damn valuable that it pays for someone (not counting anyone at the network, brand or the agency) to do exactly that.

AND even if a patent application for doing exactly that kind of thing was applied for in say May 2011 , I’m surprised the patent office didn’t site prior art AND GRANTED PATENTS from 2004 that disclose:

A system and method of interactive, location based and presentation and advertising that enables users with wireless network addressable communications device to control multi-media content on network addressable screens and enables marketers to track, monitor and respond to users interactions in real-time. A Proxy Gateway directs a network addressable client PC, connected to a digital display, to serve a local content or pull content from one or more web servers. A wireless, network addressable device, typically a mobile phone, is used to communicate commands to the physically remote Proxy Gateway, The proxy Gateway bridges between the communications device, forwarding them to the client PC which may pull content from the appropriate web server or display native message content.

Even ignoring the above IP, leading “practitioners in the field” continue to leverage interactive OOH/DOOH techniques proven to engage the casual onlooker. I guess the patent office doesn’t read search the DailyDOOH or other stalwarts of our digital signage industry.